It's not a boy!

"It's not a boy!" shouted Posty as he carried the bad news round the scattered houses in the little village of Gum. He was used to carrying bad news in WW11 and saw no reason to stop.

A little girl had been born to a farming family who wanted a boy.

This is the voice of that 10-year-old little girl telling her story. We hear how she was brought up on a remote farm in Yorkshire in the 1940s and ‘50s. She tells of how her birth was a bombshell to her farming parents because she was not the longed-for boy.

As the little girl grew up in rural isolation there were accidents and illnesses, parents’ quarrels, glimpses of sex, births, deaths and court cases, all seen through the eyes of an innocent child.

To make up for not being a boy she devised a list of things she was good at so that she could get on in the world. She could succeed and make her parents proud of her, but is the list good enough for the challenges she will meet in the real world?

My story was inspired by real events although some scenes and people have been invented for the purpose of the narrative. The language used is of its time.

We apogise but this book is currently out of print.

However a digital Kindle eBook is available on the Kindle Store at £4.99