selling my books 2

This time I have a stall at a craft fair. It is in a big hall which is light and airy but warm. Some of the other stall holders are already there when I arrive. I hurry to set up my stall. A trestle table is supplied and I have a table cloth to cover it. I arrange my posters and books carefully. I check that they look good then sit down and wait. The customers arrive and I wait. Someone comes to chat. We have a good talk and I tell him about my book, he tells me about his childhood (we are about the same age).
“Nice chatting to you. I’ll buy one.”
A woman comes up next but no sooner has she arrived than she turns and leaves walking away quickly to the opposite side of the hall. It’s then I hear voices drifting over to me.
“I love the colour.”
“How many pockets are there?”
“Is there a bigger one?”
“How many pockets? How many zips?”
“You can never have enough can you?”
I look up and see a handbag stall opposite me. It’s full to overflowing with handbags of all colours. Some are spotted some and are striped but all are selling like hot cakes.
At the end of the afternoon I have sold several books but I have an idea. Next time I could do better if I sold handbags at a slightly increased price with one of my books tucked inside!

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