Dither and Delay Tactics VI

Well, a record!  A whole summer where my fiction writing didn’t run in conjunction with other activities – travelling on the narrow boat, walking the dog, gardening, cooking, swimming – it just disappeared.  When I had any time to write it was spent on concrete and sensible projects: appraising, editing and commenting on other people’s writing; writing presentations on WWI poets, Australia and WWI and Assisted Passage to Australia; and letters – lots of letters.  A lot of writing was devoted to filling in forms which involved surviving wobbles in digital competence and collapses in technical comprehension.  And, of course, I published my book, Here and There A Collection of Short Stories.  Now available on Kindle!

There is a degree of complacency and relaxation which arrives with the printed volumes and sighs of joy, relief and satisfaction after the launch.

It takes a while for the urgent need to pick up a pen and write to kick in again. And then something comes along and it is just so important to write.



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