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From Notes from the country

Thinking of the future

Sunday 19th Sep 2021


Are you worried about Inheritance Tax? If you are rich and famous perhaps you have been thinking about this as the Government has been considering a way to raise money for Care and the NHS. Well, I was surprised to see, on a visit to a museum, a novel way of paying.

Yes, I have been to a large museum at last and what a pleasure it was. I have been to The Hepworth Museum in Wakefield. I was on my way to Yorkshire again. We thought that we would sit outside in the much-reported gardens. Just being there would have been enough. We sat and had our lazy packed lunch in amongst the tall purple and yellow delicate cloud of flowers. It was an unusual public garden, for a start you could go anywhere – even on the grass – and there was not much of that. Everywhere there was green texture and gentle contrast, it was just the place to sooth the spirits in a pandemic. And, of course, there were some Barbara Hepworth sculptures.

Inspired, full of hope and confidence, we went inside. There the most surprising thing to me was a painted steel rod by Hepworth that had been ‘accepted by HM Government in lieu of Inheritance tax’. It had then been held by The Tate for safe keeping and was on show here. So, apparently, all you must do is become famous and then offer something of yours to be given to the government from your effects. I am thinking about it already just in case I become rich.

Back to reality, I also visited Flamborough church which is called Saint Oswald’s. I always thought St. Oswald was ours in Shropshire! But of course, this is the place where, after his death, his arm was purportedly brought by a raven and dropped from an ash tree which gives Oswestry its name. There are several churches in the north named after him where he ruled as king. It was fascinating to see a more traditional carving of St. Oswald with no holes in like the Hepworth figures have.

Back at home, it has been interesting to see the birds sitting in the tree where we fed them last year almost as if they are waiting for food. We do not normally feed birds in the summer as there are so many caterpillars and insects for them to eat so the natural food chain takes over. But they are entertaining to watch so we offer food in the autumn. Perhaps it helps them, but it also cheers our spirits to see their antics. Almost as interesting as sitting in a gallery.

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